Bird-Poop Facials Are Only $50 During Spa Week

I kid you not.

Reservations just opened up yesterday for New York Spa Week, which will be held this year from April 13 to April 19. Spotted on the list of specials: The Geisha Facial at Shizuka New York Day Spa — a.k.a. the Bird-Poop Facial. With this 60-minute treatment, the spa uses sanitized nightingale droppings to re-texturize the skin. Originally priced at $180, the price plummets to $50 during Spa Week. Yes, isn't it about time they opened up the luxury of spreading poo on your face to the common folk? Like you're not getting crapped on enough already. (from NYMag.com)


Jennifer said...

Karen, you are so funny! I do feel like I've been crapped on enough right now, but the poop facial might appeal to someone out there who likes to throw money away on useless crap. Or maybe it's not so useless, who can tell.

Anonymous said...

Saw stationary in a local book store from Thailand. Made from elephants poop. To send messages to all your crappy friends? This does elevate all the mail potty talk a notch.

Have a crappy day.


Jennifer said...

I just got a Daily Candy email with a more ridiculous, if less gross, facial option. Gold leaf facials, at 350 pounds each:


Even if I was incredibly rich I think I could find many better ways to spend my money!

Jennifer said...

And it gets worse! I don't know where Daily Candy gets these things from... some guy who charges $125 to use his beard to exfoliate you. Yikes?!


Sorry to have such a fixation on the weird spa treatment thing, but I had to share.

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Man, way too close for comfort. Can you imagine?! Plus, if find that in the current economic climate it's just such an embarrassment of riches if one chooses to spend their money this way.


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