But they're magical!

January 5, 2009 - It’s the first Monday after a flurry of holiday hullabaloo.

It’s the day that schedules get jump-started, belts are tightened, and has maybe a bit more resolve.

What I did not count on with this Monday after what felt like eons of free time (the kids had a record 12 days off!) was a gloom that hung over all of us. Just a little slower in my step. More elbows to navigate on the subway. Hung head a little lower with the trudging to work over the ice, salt, and crunchy snow.

However, I found a remedy to this funk.........And they’re magical:

(Tessa clogs @ Pod)

I never really subscribed to the clog fad….not unless they are of either the patent or metallic persuasion.

And I think I may have dabbled in cloggery in the ‘80s, a time when we were all flirting with some Kansan version of Boho/hippy chickness at KU. Actually, I think clogs hit their heyday in the ‘80s with the unkempt-super-prep style. When I first met Scott he had (well, still does) a sacred pair of clogs that he loves to reminisce about. "Oh, my clogs." "Boy, those clogs....." "Mmmm! and the clogs!"

And now with my magical pair of golden clogs I’ve lifted my head and spirit, and joined the legions of Brookline moms in wooden footwear.


northsidefour said...

I LOVE the Sunflower link!

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Do you remember how great that place was?! The khakis, the army-navy surplus...and I swear I have this vague memory of these white cotton sailor shirts (that I want to say were from Greece) that we used to get there? but maybe I made that up.

Love that place. MISS that place!

northsidefour said...

Oh no, I had one of those, it was heavy cotton, linen like and mine had a navy trim, so elegantly rugged nautical. I bet I have something from that store still, an old fleece or a pair of really worn khaki shorts. Perhaps it's time to overhaul my entire look and rethink the Sunflower thing, that sailor shirt would be just so right this spring. Love the clogs.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you would reveal where you found those clogs?
They are outta-this-world-fab.
Thank you in advance!

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

The clogs were purchased from the Magician. No, they're from Pod...for ninety bones. Here's the link: http://pod.bigcartel.com/ They are Tessa clogs. And maybe I'll edit my post to include that little piece of crucial info.

Glad you like'm!!

beachbungalow8 said...

is there a trail of sparkles that shoots out from behind you as you walk? these are fantastico.

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen. Thanks for the love!
Team pod.

Anonymous said...
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