Abracadabra Candelabra

Once all of the yuckity-yuck of December is finally packed away and stored.....I love that feeling that January brings. That feeling of new year, new day, new way. It never disappoints.

Suddenly my home goes from cramped, crowded, with schlock everywhere (or at least that's how it feels) to crisp, empty, and clean.

And while I love the smell of pine and winter that the Christmas tree and balsam swag brings, I am all set to bring on a change to the scenery and the smellery .

Allow me to realize that my writing is sounding a lot like some some Victorian Uptight Snob.......and introduce a couple of finds that aid in the adjustment to cold and cozy.....they all burn with amazing subtlety, for seemingly hours on end:

Le Labo
"Why is it that everyone who does candles has a figue in their collection? We don't know. But we know that when you smell our figue you'll understand why. It's not a straight figue but a figue/blackcurrent bland that maks you want to eat the wax. Please refrain from doing so."

"An intimate room, alive with energy. Piano, bass and percussion accompany a warm, sensual Voice. Soul resonates in the air. Soul Notes: African ginger, rich mahogany, deep taboti wood, grains of paradise."

From Jacques Garcia
is the freshest whiff of orange blossoms swaying in the spring breeze, bringing promises of happiness and insouciance, the glimpse of sunny days ahead and destinations in the Mediterranean where groves full of bitter orange trees look like white fairies in the wind."

Post script: La Labo and Apothia can be found at Barneys.
Jacques Garcia can be found at Aedes.com

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