" Bone-chilling temperatures settle over East "

Boston Current Conditions
  • 11°F at Logan Airport as of 9:55 AM
  • Cloudy
  • -2° F Real Feel temp
  • 10 mp/h Wind speed
  • N Wind direction
  • 50% Relative humidity
  • 30.23 in Barometric pressure
  • 10 miles Visibility
  • 1 of 10 Tanning index
It. is. effin'. cold.

Every day of the week I take the T four stops from Brookline Village to work in the Back Bay. I wait outside in the sun. The rain. The fog....smoke. Whatever. For the train. And I usually have something to read or listen to and I have that don't-talk-to-me-look on my face.

Today and tomorrow Boston is supposed to have near record cold.

And I don't mind waiting for the T so much as long as I'm warm.

And to be warm in these sub-zero temps you really have to be either a phenomenally cool and well-financed snowboarder *OR* you have to fully embrace your inner 3rd grade snow-bunny self and dress like Randy.

I tend to go for the Randy look.

I have a coat that looks a lot like some military-issued sleeping bag. I have boots that both look like and make me walk like Frankenstein. And I have mittens that could double as boxing gloves. I swear.

I don't pretend to pass off as anything but warm and square. Illustrated here:

I do worry about knocking people off the sidewalk when I try to pass them...but then again, at least I'm warm.

Further, with all this cold I tend to get a big 'tudy over under-dressed collegiate types. Allow me to paint you a picture (because I couldn't find anything with google and I'm afraid it might seem super creepy if I take a picture of my fellow T passengers right in their face):

Droopy, huge, flannel pajama bottoms, UGGS that seem three sizes too big-so you can adequately shuffle and scuff on the salty, sandy sidewalk, floppy scrunchy (yes! still! to this day!), and some skanky enormo sweatshirt. But no hat. Maybe fingerless gloves. And warm feet. To be sure.

All I want to do is smack them upside of the head and say something like, "It's below zero! Is it better to look cool or be warm!?"

But then not only would I be a big, army green puffy dork, I'd become the cold-weather-are-you-dressed-appropriately monitor. And then I think my family would stop talking to me.


Anonymous said...

That was truly hysterical! Thank you for brightening my day with your wittiness!


Jennifer said...

You are SO funny! It's the same here in NY...

On Friday it was in the teens and walking on 34th street some guy rushed past me with every inch of his body covered in layer after layer, except for his BARE HANDS!!! And if I had a dollar for all of the girls (and women) who shuffle around in those ridiculous UGGS, most of them either in a short skirt with bare legs or tights or in the tight-jeans-and-cropped-parka ensemble. I definitely feel that urge to try and smack some sense into them, but in NY they'd probably just smack me back!

beachbungalow8 said...

you need to come visit. It's summery here. I'm sitting up in my office, fan blowing, windows open.

Plus, I'm selfish and will find any reason to pull you out this a way.

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Give me one more month of snow, ice, and cold and I'll be jonzin' for warmth.

In the meantime I'm all about judging how others dress for the cold.

Anonymous said...
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