Night Falls.....

Autumn is done. Autumn ended last week with temperate weather, wet leaves, and wind. Winter reared it's chilly head this week with wind chills hovering around 11°, frost on the window, and red cheeks. And on top of the onslaught of coldness, darkness falls around 4pm. The days are short and getting shorter. Which means the cold is colder and the winter is wintery-er.

However, once I've accepted this fact of the change of seasons, I get right into cozy mode.

You know those uber-cheap tin-can votives? They burn for maybe 4 hours, they don't leak, and they are the perfect addition to a fire in the fireplace.

The Swedes, or likely all Northern Europeans when the sun barely rises during the winter months, get it right with votives galore.

Sprinkled all over the room, table, counter....instant cozy, cavelike atmosphere. Just like some European wine cellar, tavern bar.....

Suddenly winter ain't so bad.


beachbungalow8 said...

it was 80 last week. the plastic santa waving his little plastic mitten, seemed to be mocking me as he flew between palm trees.

I miss weather.

Anonymous said...
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