Nothing beats a good throw

Years ago I worked for a Swedish company...it was my last 'big' job before bailing out of the hardcore professional world for motherhood.

Based in Cambridge, MA. I was "Vice President" (I'll admit, the title was a tad inflated) of one of the student travel exchange programs.

Besides working insane hours and traveling around the US, there were a couple of opportunities to visit the Stockholm office.

I never really appreciated the Swedish cultural sensibilities that I found incredibly homogeneous, humorless, or even hard-boiled. But, I did enjoy the aesthetic and good, simple design that seemed to be everywhere.

Yeah, yeah, yeah....I know: IKEA. Cool, cheap, veneer knock-offs. Sometimes a hit, sometimes a miss.

But allow me to introduce another: Design House Stockholm

These throws are the perfect cover for those chilly nights that seem to be more and frequent these days.

Made from soft, warm pleated fleece, they are durable and washable. And feel like some crazy five ply cashmere.
The best selection can be found online at The Conran Shop.

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