What I really need is a new handbag and all my troubles will go away

I'm riding the subway with a bajillion other people these days now that school's back and session. Boston seems like a tub of water that's about to overflow with humans. As I navigate through shoulders, elbows, backpacks, etc. I'm noticing more and more lately that with the start of this shiny new academic year what I really need is not a subway riding tracksuit but a new handbag.

For years my bag of choice has been from Jutta Neumann. My friend Megan turned me on to Jutta's sandals and bags. Beautiful handmade bags, but my complaints are: enormous black hole when fishing for the g-d phone and shoulder straps tend to be on the cutting-into-my-shoulder category. At least with this style. Her other styles, not so much. But gorgeous leather, functional, if not utilitarian.

And lately I've found myself gazing, staring, fondling bags from Tano. This raspberry one is particularly attractive to me. Soft leather. Slightly shiny. Contrasting and sturdy handles. And I'm all for the buckle accoutrement.

But then there's the black hole issue again.

And from Pollux Handmade I found this. Minimalist. Simple. Heavy leather. Reminds me of those old western mailbags that Cowboys would use on horses, with that lovely strap and buckle. But maybe a bit too much like the Jutta Neumann (and three time's the cash). Didn't get it. But like a favorite picture I have of my skinnier days I keep going back and back and back to take a peak.

Another bag that was seen more around the scene a couple of years ago was from Foley+Corinna. I love the versatility of this bag, either in the large or mid size. Grab it by the handles or fold it over and use the straps.
But for $485 I'm not so crazy with the hardware and what is a very thin leather strap. Eh.

Then. Then I found this. This beauty of a bag. The bag. Check this out:

(the front)

(the back)

Discovered when trolling around Christiane Celle, one of my all time favorites retailers on Newbury Street. Designed by buba, a London an accessory retailer. Sure, there's the black hole issue but I'm such a sucker for Art Nouveau. And it's quite a departure from my previous simple but useful style obsession. I've never been one for the suitcase or luggage looking Marc Jacobsy-buckle-fantasia-bags. Just don't likey. But this......I'm tellin' ya, anything with that Parisienne turn of the century flourish, I so love.

And only for a mere $850.

So, the kids are out selling cutlery, door-to-door for mama's new bag.


Project Ecoart said...

Fab pics! You have my juices flowing now. Mama needs a new bag!

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Yeah...it's a little hard not to join the back to school bandwagon and get a new 'backpack' (that happens to be leather and not really a backpack at all)

Sara Bradshaw said...

I love the 'sabine' bag. It's gorgeous!

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