Great Find!

You've seen these organza wine bottle things, right?

And maybe something like this,
it's not so bad....a little blaze' but not so bad

This...this is a bit odd...kinda looks like the bottle has a pony tail...

And this, this crazy fantasia might scare the host

but not this, this wouldn't scare anyone. No.
Not even if it suddenly started walking across the counter...

The proverbial gift for the host: the bottle of wine. That bottle of wine that maybe you know something about but no one really cares...or that bottle of wine that you don't know jack about but the label looked cool...That prosaic gift to the host could go dressed in all sorts of furnishings and adornments or it can now be simply tied with a sweet, sarcastic, witty and yet well-designed tag.

Since I'm often trying to make the bottle look even better with a grosgrain ribbon or some clever bell and whistle, I thought these wine tags were pretty cool.

Two moms that love design and wine (can I be a part of that club?) have come together to create some mighty awesome wine tags. Check them out at popptags.com

Because it's not really about the wine. It's the sentiment. Both sentiments.

1 comment:

beachbungalow8 said...

typeset wine tags? beautiful.i'm in on the club too.

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