'Gansett Town Beach

Looks cold, doesn't it?

Narragansett Beach, RI.

It's our favorite beach in New England.

Best surf, best tides, best Del's.

Water is usually clear.

Clean. And salty.

We drove down to 'Gansett yesterday. Gansett-that's what the uber-cool surfers and locals call it.

Air temperature was around 80°.

Water temperature was around 51°.....

but in the surf it was probably more like 55°.

A balmy, bath-watery, 55°

Too cold for really any normal person to even walk in...

And when we did walk in, we could really only laugh when the surf would hit our feet,

and then our feet would go instantly numb.

We would try.

We being myself, Scott and Maia.

Try so hard to go in to that water....

it looked so inviting...

so tantalizing with that clear, emerald green color...

roaring surf just beckoning any brave soul to join the fun.

But wetsuits we don't own. Just our hearty flesh.

And Colby, with the heartiest flesh of all was in hog heaven.

Totally oblivious to the ice-cold waters.

My little freak of a surfer dude.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
So glad to have you as part of Delightfulblogs! I have a question maybe you can help out. I'm in LA but my boyfriends son and his family is in Boston and we want to take everyone to the beach for a long weekend in August. Ideally it would be a house or a cool hotel that is on the beach. There will be 8 adults and twin girls one year old. Any suggestions? thanks! Lynda

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Hey Lynda-I'll shoot you an email with all sorts of good stuff. Of course you should know that 'cool' in Boston may mean something entirely different in LA....ye olde East Coast vs. Polished, sunny, West Coast. But hopefully I can help you guys out.


t said...

I lived in Narragansett for many years while I was married. We walked to the beach and I miss it even though I'm only about 20 minutes away. As soon as I saw the name of your post, I knew I'd have to take a peek!! I'm actually headed to the Coast Guard house for dinner Saturday night....I have to love Rhode Island beaches even though I'm a Boston native! :)

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Make a toast to the Bay for Cheryl!

Anonymous said...

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