and I walked home with a pitcher of Sangria

Yesterday, being Thursday-or Superlousyday as I would prefer to call it, was a bad day. I had two demonic kids that ignored every word I had to say, and a consistent wet, rainy, dreary chill and gray sky that seemed perpetually stuck in that dark-close-to-dusk time. On top of that, it was a stressy-but totally unfulfilled day at work.

There was a hovering gloom that would simply not.go.away.

Did I mention that it was a bad day?

But at the end of the day...the end of the day say around 7pm when the kids were coming down from their bad high I left the apartment and happened into pod in the village.

And I hung out with some friends and I chatted and I forgot that I was a mom of ill-behaved kids and I laughed and I joked...

and I walked home with a pitcher of Sangria.

and all was suddenly right with the world.


L.A. Prep said...

Love that I stumbled upon your blog. I lived in Brookline for many years, Kilsyth Road, near Cleveland Circle. I still summer in SE MA, before the crazy Cape. I also used to spend my summers in Newport RI & those Castle Hill pictures really brought me back! I had many strawberry dacquiri's there as a young 20 something with not a care in the world except all the handsome, young, single guys. Sunday afternoons were the time to go & quite the scene in the mid-80s.
Ahhh.....fun to look back on! Thanks for taking me back to some wonderful memories.

BonjourBruxelles said...

Happy to oblige....anytime you wanna swing back East, let me know. We go either East or farther East to Europe...have yet to take a family trip West (so overdue!). Thanks for the shout.


Cheryl said...

I love Sangria...and it is the perfect solution to a bad...or good...day! Have you posted on the AlphaWomen site? It's great...and you have a great style in your writing. Check it out www.alphawomen.com I love it! Let me know if you join the site so I can look for you there!

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