10 Days of a "little" Florida sunshine

Our annual trip to Marco Island, Florida.

Every year during the kids April break we head down to visit Scott's folks in Marco aka 'Mah-coe'.

We leave cold, dreary, cloudy, nearly blustery Boston and head down to warm, sunny Marco.

This community of predominantly retired folks (and literally an island) is maybe 20 miles south of Naples on the Gulf coast. It is a pretty remote, sandy, beachcomber's paradise. It is not a gourmand's/night-clubber's dream by any stretch. With a gi-normo beach of white sand, shells galore and the predictable Marriott, Hilton, private club resort we kick back and enjoy ourselves immensely.

We usually spend our days on the beach. Or at their pool. Or on the boat.

And wear really big sunglasses to protect this pale Irish skin from 3rd degree burns.

Lots of wildlife (birds, dolphins, rays and manatee) are to be had.

Oh my god, is that a shark??!!

Loads of dolphins are always sited....usually in pairs or more. Mesmerized all of us. The kids especially loved to pretend every dolphin with its dorsal fin was a dangerous hammerhead or Great White.

There were other sightings as well.....

And oh my god, is that Old Man Witherspoon with knee-socks and sandals?

We always have a great time. The kids get loads of RangerRick-time with their grandfather. Go down all sorts of mangrove trails on the boat, go fishing, see crazy amounts of birds in their natural habitat.

Marco's got this Caribbean quality, much better appreciated by boat.

Me, the kids and Scott on Keewaydin. Dreamy, remote stretch. Nuthin' but sandy beach for miles.

My drift.wood.art.shot.

Great surf, if the wind's coming off the ocean.

A coupla old salts.

Scott and I made sure we got out. A lot. While the dining is far from fine, there were always plenty of cocktails. And bad photography as a result.

Here we are. The whole fam-damily.

Breathtakingly beautiful sunsets.

Appreciated more after some of those cocktails.


beachbungalow8 said...

i'm so glad your back! that looks incredible. i love the gulf. the sand is so powdered sugary. it looks balmy and the water looks lovely and warm.

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

The sand was exactly like powdered sugar...it was all so supah fine.

Anonymous said...

Pretty random. I did a google image search for an old man with socks pulled up to his knees and got your blog. One of my friends is from Boston and his parents no live on Marco Island. That's the part I found interesting. Looks like you had a good time!

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