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Every weekend we do the full blown pancake routine. Either on a Saturday or a Sunday we pretend we live in the Midwest and treat ourselves to a stack of white, fluffy, drenched in syrup cakes. With a side of crisp bacon. Mmmmmm.

And since we started this weekend tradition Scott and I have tried every pancake recipe known to man. From Bisquick to Stonewall Kitchen @ $10.99 a pop to just from scratch. I've tried whole wheat (my preference), buckwheat, buttermilk, Johnny Cake (quirky Rhode Island version) and instant. All seem to pale in comparison to a good, ol' classic.

I'd like to report that the goofy circa '59 recipe from Joy of Cooking wins, hands down.

Here's Romabauer and Beck's recipe for basic pancakes:

Sift: 1.5 c all purpose flour

Re-sift with: 1 T salt

2 T sugar 1.5 t double-acting baking powder

Beat lightly 1 or 2 eggs (I swear, this is what the recipe says, so maybe it depends on the size of your eggs) and add to:

3 T melted butter

1 - 1.5 cups milk

Combine all ingredients quickly-always wet into dry, and don't over beat. Ignore lumps (I let the batter sit for about 20 minutes to get nice and 'juicy'. Letting it sit seems to make fluffier, lighter cakes).

Heat your pan slowly, using a medium heat. Pour the pancake batter from a 1/4 cup measure-or whatever. Expect that the first pancake won't turn out ("the sacrificial pancake"). Turn over after the top is bubbling, not before, about 3 minutes, and the second side will take about half the time.

And then sit back and wait while that sugary-carb high comes crashing down.

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