Coping Mechanisms

I've recently taken up the habit of making sure I'm chewing on carrots, celery, chips, popcorn, gum whenever I answer the phone.

I've also decided to interrupt people mid-sentence.

Poking people repeatedly in the arm to get their attention is another excellent method if my interrupting fails.

-and if I lose interest in a conversation I pretend I've lost my hearing or just simply walk away.

Speaking of hearing....it's funny how it works sometimes and then sometimes not. I can hear some people but rarely others.

In fact, I can barely here my family. I see their mouths move but I hear no words. And then when I notice they're excited and slightly red in the face, I do (only kind of) hear the words. But usually the words are none I'd like to hear.

When I'm mad, I'll just stomp. Just stomp.
Stomp. Stomp. Stomp.

Smacking my lips, eating with my mouth open and getting really close to another at the dinner table seems to help everyone focus on me.

I don't slam doors, though. But what always seems to work is when I 'accidentally-on-purpose' trip and fall and hurt myself when I'm getting into trouble. It's an excellent distraction because for a minute I'm not getting into trouble...I'm getting comforted.

I also love the fact that I really do have a younger brother and he's an excellent target when I'm having a bad day. Siblings are great that way. And the instant release of tension is worth it, let me tell ya!

Most of the time I think I'm just on my merry way.

Bouncing along mostly looking for instant gratification.

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