Paul Weller - Headstart For Happiness

My brother, Colby, and his wife, Geraldine, left last night for their first trip sans les enfants (they have Nate,4 and Tommy, 7 mos.). It's their first trip since they got married and went on their honeymoon. They're off to Copenhagen and Oslo for a speaking gig Geraldine has been invited to attend. She's the Design Director at Entertainment Weekly. For over a week they'll be able to walk, talk, eat, drink, and sleep - unfettered and unencumbered.

They can even swear. Whenever. Where ever.

And my brother knows music like nobody I know. Without any attitude or snobbery, Colby can name off songs and artists like Rainman counting a box of spilled matches on the floor.

Since Colby has such fine taste and is quite an authority on music I thought it fitting that I include a fave from the Icon of Mod, Paul Weller.

He's quintessentially Euro.

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