Chipped teeth on toast

Maia has no stitches. No real major scars.

And in her 9 years of life, Maia has never been to the ER.

So, instead, she chips her front tooth to make up for all of her non-accidents.

Last night. Sunday. Birthday party.

Face-plant into wall.

Lots of tears, poor kid.

And since I happen to have a 'thing' about teeth, never wanting to live in the UK and suffer at the hands of an English dentist, this tooth will be repaired immediately. Especially since I chipped my adult tooth and lived with a gray fang for far too long (thanks to my Yankee parents that didn't really see the value-or understand the vanity-in a nice set of choppers).


Dave said...

I think she should keep the chip. it builds character!

Anonymous said...

Tell Maia I did the same thing at her age and it is the same tooth. I had it fixed, but I have to stay away from black lights. Very embarrassing to smile under one and have my fake tooth appear to be black!

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