Silent L

(8pm, bedtime)

"Maia and Colby, calm down now!"


"Maia and Colby, I said, 'CALM down now!'"

(bouncing, jumping, running into each other, ramming into walls,
near death out of windows, etc. )

"Dammit, Colby! Maia! I said, CALM DOWN!"

"K - Ah - L -M"

(and then attempted in a quieter voice, hands on top of heads, face to face as I over-pronounce my next words) "Please. k-ah-ll-m - down"

Maia: "what did you say? CaLm?" "It's not CaLLLm" "callllllm?, since when do you pronounce it like that? calllllm? no one's ever heard of callllllm. It's a silent 'L'. Sigh-lent L, as in you. don't. pronounce. it."

and, in case you're wondering, it's not stri-ped (two syllables) it's stript. with a long i.

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