Nice Shot!

My friend, Linda LoPiccolo Ring (Physical Therapist, Photographer, runner and wife) stopped by a couple of weekends ago with her husband, Dave (not-a-photographer-but-man-of-many-talents, runner, husband and friend from my days as a professional, ) to say hello, break some bread and test some well-honed camera skills with the monkeys - I mean kids.

So, while I'm still pining for la cuisine d'Europe (or maybe I'm just hungry all the time) I thought I'd serve some fresh stuff for lunch that I picked up at our local Allandale farm (excuse me, but only the oldest working farm in the city of Boston, let alone the United States of America)


Heirloom tomatoes. Or pomodori freschi for those longing for hot days on the Mediterranean.

Meaty Cerignola olives with sliced lemon.

And Bresaola, arugula with shaved Grana Pedano. It's an Insalata classica Italiana (I type that with my eyes closed, eyebrows raised, with a very know-it-allish attitude).

What you don't see is this incredibly, amazing, fresh bread that Dave and Linda brought from their local Salem bakery, http://www.ajkingbakery.com/ Just unbelievable bread.

And we broke it.

And it was good.

and then we hit Emerson Park. Frolicked in Emerson Park, is more like it. Lots of fun on a warm, summery Sunday.

I haven't posted all that Linda took but I will post her link http://www.lindalo.com/

And I will say that she has the unique skill of capturing the natural, contemplative, spontaneous moment that encapsulates a child's feeling, thought, or action - not to mention her talent of making food look mighty savory.

She takes awesome pics.

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Dave said...

Wow, those are some great pictures!

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