Like a barking seal.....

Last night around 8 o'clock, with Scott out of town, Colby hopped into my bed believing that he'd get a good night's sleep next to me, his mom.

A good night's sleep.

So, I turn in around 11 or so. I decide not to remove Colby's boneless, dripping body from my bed since it's just easier to keep him where he is.

And then........

It looks to be 1am and some nasty, ear-piercing alarm goes off some where in the vicinity of 33 Kent Street.

And then it's nearly 2am and my alarm goes off. Why? Not entirely sure. Have no recollection of changing the time....but off it goes like a bucket of ice water in my face.

Aaaaaand at 3am I hear a seal. Barking.

then I realize it's Colby with a croupy cough. We do the face-in-freezer trick and he slugs down some cold water and he's fine. Cranky but fine.

4am. I must be sleeping because I don't remember 4am.

Suddenly 5am. And my alarm goes off again-for the correct wake-up time-and I say out loud, "you've got to be kidding me".

Wo. It's 6am. I hear another seal, albeit a small and rather diminutive seal, down the hall in Maia's room. She's up. Smoker's cough or not, ready for school - since the Red Sox won, come hell or high water she's going to school -gawdammit....(she didn't say that I just thought it).

So, 7:45am the seals and myself are out the door, heading for school.

With other seals, I suppose.

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