Sometimes I can make myself laugh

Standing in line at our local Starbucks. Standing in a line of about 6 people deep. Everyone has a very particular order: half-caff-semi-fat-no-cream-grande-in-a-venti-cup or pumpkin-loaf-heated-in-separate-bag-with-no-pumpkin or tap-water-freshly-tapped-sweetened or.....you get the drift.

and yesterday, while alone, and observing this all going down it appeared that one of the Starbuckians taking these hyper-particular orders was squinting, as if he totally did not approve.

and then I thought how funny it would be if I worked at this Starbucks and every now and then responded to an order with a simple look of total disapproval. That face you make when you smell something bad, all scrunched-up with a frown. Or a face of that you make before you think something's going to hit you. Or simply just squeezing your eyes really tightly. I wouldn't say anything, just make a I-really-think-that-is-so-gross face.

and then I started to laugh to myself. In my imaginary world of comedy.


Anonymous said...

Karen -

Those faces pale in comparison to the ones formed during a grueling Fran or some other crazy WOD. I enjoyed your entry regarding playing in the mud...I recent did just that with Anders and Brandon, much to Lisa's chagrin (since I seem to make the greater mess!)

Hope all's well.

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Oh thanks Thor! the best is trying to make the worst face of disgust without sound effects.

Big fun!


beachbungalow8 said...

wait...that just made me laugh out loud. or LOL. (dork face just made)

just look at them and mouth silently,'wha?..." eyes all squinty. a little whisper as you look down, pecking at the cash register a bit too hard, whispering, "fucking stooopid?"

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

or simply just making your eyes huge, chin tucked in.

(the thing is, I worked on maybe 8 different faces and cracked myself up-while I was waiting in line)

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