Arrivederci Italia

Top Ten List

  1. Swimming in the Mediterranean both at Capri and at Marina della Lobra

  2. Swimming in the pool at our hotel with the kids

  3. While swimming in the pool hearing Colby announce loudly (several times) as he scurries out that he has to go 'poop-poop-poop!' while holding his bum.

  4. Chair lift with the kids and the locusts and the sun and the warmth over Capri. Felt like the closest thing I could come to human flight.

  5. Imbibing in local wine, olives and a variety of lemon-flavored things from the surrounding Agriturismo.

  6. Watching the sunsets over the Mediterranean with the kids.

  7. The boat 'tour' around Capri narrated by a cross between Silvio Dante and Bobby Bacala'.

  8. Free limoncello shots handed out by the local market owner.

  9. Did I mention swimming in the Mediterranean?

  10. Having the family in Southern Italy for a week's vacation, a far cry from Brussels and a farther cry from home.

Bottom Five List

  1. Crashing-bonking-knocking into a black Merc after getting lost 3 times on our way to Hotel Piccolo Paradiso, fresh off the plane.

  2. The knuckle-biting drive from our hotel to Positano and beyond, even though we were surrounded by breathtaking beauty.

  3. Never really getting used to this whole Italian-cultural thing of embracing RISK (and that an inch on either side of a car, boat, person is not enough!).

  4. Russian tourists that have arrived in throngs...a) they all seem to have enormous heads, b) body order (not that big-headed, smelly throngs of Russian tourists is necessarily a bad thing).

  5. Can't think of a fifth. It was a damn good vacation. Unforgettable and may not happen again for a while.

Olives from next door.



beachbungalow8 said...

i noticed the same close driving thing in the D.R. is it an american thing that we don't want the side mirrors to b smashed? love the olive shot.

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Borrowed the olive shot. Hate to admit it.

and the driving thing...is it any wonder that there aren't more head-ons with all the rum or wine flowing in either country? All so third world.

Our pilot had the same manner of flying, friggin' crazy landing like he was getting a laugh with all the passengers. But I guess Mario Andretti was a good driver for a reason...or all those other Eye-talians.

Anonymous said...

So much fun! I couldn't help flashing back to our honeymoon with your shots from Capri. J'adore Capri!!! Where you able to go into the blue grotto? Did you lay on the rocks on the beach? Looks tres uncomfortable, but felt like heaven! When are you coming back to good old Boston?


Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Hey Jaime, we get back day after tomorrow, Aug. 8. Ahhh...hard to believe this will come to end. See you live soon!


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