I think there's something in my eye

Today we tempted the gods of clear-weather-fate and on a sunny day went to a museum...we were invited to join some new friends, Luca, Dante and their au Pair, Kika, to go to this amazing museum of musical instruments. We met them at a playground (Little Mike if you really wanna know). http://www.brusselsmuseums.be/en/brusscard/participants.php?mid=40

This is situated right in the Place du Sablon, not far from the Grand Place. Easy to get to in an area that's fun to walk around.

So, this museum is set up so that as you walk in you are immediately handed a pair of enormo-headphones. (which, if you're a 6 year old look pretty funny and keep falling off). The instruments are sorted by floor and by era. When you stand next to the harps, you hear a grand selection of harp music or if you're by the mandolins you feel as though you're back at that Renaissance Festival or...you get the drift. There was nearly every pre-19th century musical era exhibited. And from all over the globe.

The kids are really enjoying themselves and I can't get over their enthusiasm. Their unbridled joy of listening to all these sounds from the ages and from all over the place.

And I got all emotional. I dunno if it was the sitar or the bagpipes (if it's not the bells it's the bagpipes) or just seeing these kids having an absolute crazy, uninhibited blast. In a museum.

It was off-the-charts great.

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