We're off to Amsterdam tomorrow for several days. Or 'hamsterdam' as Colby likes to call it, followed by uproarious laughter, again and again and I get a little tired of it until we start up with Gerbildam and Ferretdam and your-basic-run-of-the-mill-smelly-rodentdam. Gineaupigdam didn't work. I'm without any electronicals or laptops or machinery, so back on Monday for more high-brow travel information and highjinx. Some past highlights to leave you with.... until then, au revoir....

(on the tram out to the A t o m i u m - to be said in a very low, loud, thundering voice)

Double secret layout of the.....Atomium..... (actually, I thought this was a pretty cool diagram. Great for some kid's wall)

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