Friday nights rule

Seriously. After a 5-day work week (even if you're a camp counselor/stay-at-home-full-time-parent) is there nothing better in the whole world then knowing the week's ending and two days of whatever-fun-galore-sleep-in lay ahead? After a week of some abstinence, hard work, discipline and labor? Friday nights in our house usually mean not one but two bottles of wine. It means breaking out the high-grade cheese and bread, olives and snacks. It means pizza and a movie if you're under 9 years old and it means extras and freebies and treats. I love Friday nights. No holds barred. Free reign.

Tonight we served hot dogs, carrots and noodles to the kids. Not exactly pizza but no biggie because...they got extra creamy-dreamy ice cream for dessert. This Belgian ice cream is like nirvana. It's just crazy good. Maia's had a massive variety of chocolate bits sprinkled all over and Colby's had these awesome graham-crackery-buttery-delights, aka speculoos cookies on his. Speculoos. Belgian cookie that's really just a very good graham cracker. But if you're a kid that hates chocolate it's like a little taste of crunchy heaven.

And Scott and I had really fresh greens with a variety of tartes or quiche that I picked up at the market. And wine. And the windows were wide open. Fun for all.
Friday nights rule.


ec said...

hello suttons!

just caught up on your awesome adventure. what an incredible oppurtunity. my first big international vacation was when i was in second grade - and it was very memorable!

and to be finishing the vacation in southern italy - how wonderful. i have not been to sorrento, but southern italy is just fabulous (even in january when i was there!). do jump over to positano if you have time - its gorgeous. and pompeii is def a must - the kids will love it too!

save travels!

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

thanks ec! i think we're all ready for some hot, sunny weather in a loud, boisterous, latin region. brussels has been awesome but the order and the northern euro vibe is getting tiresome....the food, not so much, but we're ready for another change. and then home!

i'm definitely going to post some photos and tales about our trip south. stay tuned.

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