Settling in....

Our front door of #48 rue de la Vallee'. Reminds me of Boston's Back Bay. Very well-maintained hood with a park next door. A manicured park that has some issues with dog poop. It's been a bit rainy and dreary but we've managed a day of this and that. High point was waking up with the whole fam-damily in Brussels and having a wonderful cup of coffee. Low point was begging my whirling dervish kids to become invisible (or just quiet and calm, fergodsakes) while poking around in a grocery store. Hands on everything, loud, bouncy....nothing like the controlled 'youngsters' you see here. May have to finally hire that big, hairy person to scare them straight.

Lovely, lush view from our dining room and kitchen. Ground floor opens onto a courtyard. Not for us but awfully nice to look at.

'Small cars in Brussels! Are Brussels peoples small, too?'

Scott, with a map. With some kids. And chips.

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beachbungalow8 said...

this is so cool to see!!! i feel like i'm right there with you.

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